We’re always looking to sponsor people who share our passion for helping people to live better, healthier lives using our product. As part of this mission, we have for years sponsored outstanding individuals who share our values in order to help share our message across the world.

How It Works

At Dynamic Tape, we’ve always looked to provide sponsorship opportunities for people who are using our products in positive ways or who are helping people to lead better lives through physical exercise.

We have supported educators, athletes, sports teams, charities and other individuals and organisations. We’re proud of the extraordinary people we work with, whether they are promoting sport locally or endurance running in the Caucasus!

As part of our agreement, you’ll get a discount on all products in our store. In return, we’ll ask you to help us to spread the good word about our tape. We’ll also ask you to agree to our terms, which ensure that our sponsorship agreements are aligned with our brand and our values.

Authenticity is very important to us. We want to work with people who champion our tape because they love and use it themselves. As such, we only provide product sponsorship and do not pay people to use our tape.


Apply Now

To apply to partner with Dynamic Tape, just apply using the buttons below and we’ll get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.

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