Dynamic Tape ECO™

Good for you. Good for the planet.

Dynamic Tape ECO™ is our stiffest tape, using an innovative, patented material made from recycled plastic bottles to provide greater resistance, sooner in range.

Our Stiffest Tape

Because of the innovative material we use to make it, Dynamic Tape ECO™ is even stronger than our regular tapes. For when only the strongest tape will do.

Recycled Materials

We make Dynamic Tape ECO™ from recycled plastic bottles. About 15 per box. This means you can use our tape knowing that it’s as good for the environment as it is for you.

Increased Resistance

Dynamic Tape ECO™ provides more resistance sooner in range. This makes it ideal where minimal movement but firm resistance is required, for example ligament applications or positioning.

Introducing Dynamic Tape Eco™

Unlike kinesiology tapes with properties similar to the skin, Dynamic Tape® Classic was designed to provide very strong resistance and recoil to manage load and alter movement patterns without restricting movement providing a solution for muscle and tendon applications. However, we knew we had further clinical problems to solve. So we developed Dynamic Tape ECO™.

To make Dynamic Tape ECO™, we developed a patented material made from recycled plastic bottles. This means the tape has higher resistance but slightly lower recoil. Dynamic Tape ECO™ is ideal for applications where stronger resistance is required without sacrificing range of motion. It’s been seen on athletes and in clinics across the world.


Inspired By Nature

Everything about Dynamic Tape Eco™ draws inspiration from the natural world and our duty to protect it. The tape is made from recycled bottles, helping to keep the sea clean and reduce oil use. The tattoo on the tape designed by artist Luke Mallie, draws inspiration from the connection and caring for country central to Aboriginal custom and wisdom. Even the Biomechanical Taping™ techniques for applying it are inspired by the natural movement of the human body.

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