Dynamic Tape® Classic

The Original Biomechanical Tape ®

Dynamic Tape® represents a new approach to therapeutic taping, with a high stretch, good resistance and strong recoil. This allows it to act on the body like an external muscle, managing the loads on your body to correct movement and reduce the risk of injury.

Reduces Load On The Body

Dynamic Tape® has high recoil and resistance. Its resistance is many times that of a kinesiology tape. This means that, when used appropriately and correctly, it can reduce the loads on your body, protecting from injury and reducing the risk of pain and recurrence.

Promotes Natural Movement

Dynamic Tape® stretches in four directions and does not lock up movement like a rigid tape, allowing you to continue to continue to do the things you love while wearing it. Allowing full movement ensures optimal dissipation of load, maintenance of balance as well as performance of techniques required in the sport or activity.

Long Lasting

Dynamic Tape® uses a medical grade adhesive from a Japanese company, allowing it to last for days. It also handles water well when applied correctly, so you can go swimming or take a shower without it falling off. For best results, check out our application videos.

Black: The Original Tape

Working in high performance sport, musculoskeletal physiotherapist Ryan Kendrick saw the need for a tape that could manage the loads on the body without locking up movement. And Dynamic Tape® Classic was born.

Unlike kinesiology tapes, which have properties that mimic the skin, Dynamic Tape Classic was designed to provide very strong resistance and recoil to manage load and alter movement patterns, much like an external muscle. The tape provides a deceleration force, absorbs load and reduces the work on injured, overloaded or fatigued tissues.

Our black tattoo tape is the original version of Dynamic Tape®. It is the most commonly used version and has a slightly higher resistance than the beige.

Dynamic Tape Combo Black Tattoo 3" and 2"
Dynamic Tape Combo Beige Tattoo 3" and 2"

Beige: The Gentler Option

The beige version of Dynamic Tape® has slightly lower levels of resistance and recoil. This reduces some of the force that is exerted on the skin, making it an excellent option for sensitive skin.

As the pattern is much more subtle, many customers prefer to use this version of the tape where a discreet application is required, for example while wearing the tape at work.

Trusted Where It Counts

Dynamic Tape® is trusted and used by athletes across the world, allowing them to restore function and reduce the risk of reinjury where sitting out the game is not an option. Dynamic Tape® was born out of the intense demands of professional sport and we’re pleased to say that we continue to be the choice of champions today.

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