Choose the right grade of tape for your application

Dynamic Tape has revolutionised therapeutic taping by introducing the world’s first range of tapes with varying grades of stretch, strength, and recoil to solve different clinical problems far more specifically.

Dynamic Tape Original

Dynamic Tape Original is available in two strengths recognisable by their colours: beige with beige tattoo and beige with black tattoo. Common to both of these tapes is high stretch, good resistance and strong recoil. It stretches much further and does not have a rigid end point like kinesiology tapes.

This design and the unique, visco-elastic properties allow it to work like a bungee cord by acting on the levers of the body aiming to provide a deceleration force, absorb load and reduce the work on injured, overloaded or fatigued tissues. It is particularly well suited to applications targeting the musculotendinous unit, functional assistance where weakness or nerve injury is present or for long multijoint applications.

The black tattoo offers a slightly higher resistance and recoil than the beige tattoo and is the more commonly used product. The beige tattoo may be preferable on more sensitive skin due to the slightly lower forces or where a more discreet taping application is required.

Dynamic Tape 3" 2" Black Beige Tattoo Rolls

Dynamic Tape Eco 3"

Dynamic Tape Eco

The EXTRA STRENGTH Dynamic Tape Eco in another world first is made from recycled plastic bottles using patented technology to provide much more resistance much sooner in range (higher elastic modulus) but with slightly less recoil than Dynamic Tape Original. This is ideal for applications where there is minimal movement but firm resistance is required. Dynamic Tape Eco may therefore be more suited to applications for ligaments (e.g. fingers, thumbs, ankles, syndesmosis) and joint glides where the added benefit of elastic compression and resistance is desirable to augment force closure and stability but when full range is still required (to allow load dissipation, maintenance of balance strategies and normal function). Dynamic Tape Eco has the equivalent of 15 recycled plastic bottles in every box.

Dynamic Tape Scissors

Teflon®-coated, nonstick cutting blades. The blunt nose is designed specifically for safe removal of tape. The 8” (20cm) design is larger than the usual bandage scissors. Roomy finger loop fits three or four fingers, and rubber inserts in the loops enhance comfort. Scissors come in a foam-lined tray or pouch for easy storage.

Dynamic Tape Scissors
Dynamic Tape PosturePals X


PosturePals are made from the same innovative material as Dynamic Tape. This unique fabric provides genuine mechanical assistance yet allows full, unhindered range of motion. Due to the innovative material and clever design a range of applications can be catered for with only two PosturePals Precut shapes – the X tape and the Box tape.

Dynamic Tape Spray

Dynamic Tape Spray is specifically designed to work with Dynamic Tape, Dynamic Tape Eco and Posture Pals. This adhesive is high stick, low sensitivity and will help adhesion for up to 5 days. It is great for athletes that plan to be submerged in water or sweat a lot over the course of their sport.