Dynamic Tape Education Pathways

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Our Education Pathways

Biomechanical Taping™ is more than just a way to apply tape. It’s a comprehensive approach to treatment based on research and extensive experience of treatment at the top levels of sport and medicine.

To help you to get the most from our products, we offer a comprehensive education pathway that will hone your clinical skills and introduce you to a variety of different ways to manage injury, pain and recurrence using Dynamic Tape.

For those looking to take things further, we also offer an education pathway towards becoming a Dynamic Tape tutor. This will allow those who are already proficient in using our tape to teach these skills to others

An Introduction To Dynamic Tape

An excellent option for clinicians taking their first steps into the world of Dynamic Tape education, this 2 hour elearning course will introduce you to the core concepts underpinning Biomechanical Taping™ and their application.

The course provides a high-level overview of Biomechanical Taping™, its uses and its limitations. It will explain the fundamentals of how to achieve a mechanical effect with tape and explore a variety of scenarios in which its use might be appropriate. Buy the course here.

Become An Accredited Biomechanical Taping™ Practitioner

The next step in our Dynamic Tape education pathway, this three-part educational series will allow you to become a certified Accredited Biomechanical Taping™ Practitioner.

In Part A, you’ll be introduced to the fundamentals of Biomechanical Taping™, understanding the theory underpinning it, the foundations of developing techniques and building on your clinical reasoning. You’ll also learn a variety of techniques for the peripheral joints.

In Part B, you’ll build on these skills, learning more advanced theory and integrating biomechanics and pain science into your understanding. You’ll learn advanced clinical reasoning and problem solving, including taping of mechanosensitive neural tissue. Finally, you’ll learn taping techniques for the rib, spine, SIJ and more.

Part C will build on the foundations of Parts A & B, building your knowledge base so that you can develop Dynamic Tape applications that are tailored to the needs of your patient. You’ll learn about the impact of load and movement on the upper and lower limb. We’ll teach you how to build a better base and integrate complementary tools such as Kinetic Control and The Body Mapper. Finally, we’ll discuss use of Dynamic Tape pre and post natally.

Finally, after taking our credentialling exam, you’ll be officially qualified as an Accredited Biomechanical Taping™ Practitioner. You’ll need to refresh your qualification every three years by attending one of our annual training sessions.

Become A Dynamic Tape Tutor

This is a perfect option for individuals who are passionate about movement and looking to pass on their skills to others. To ensure quality, we ask all of our tutors to complete a rigorous certification process, while ensuring that becoming a tutor remains an excellent way to make money passing on your knowledge of the tape.

The first stage to becoming a tutor is becoming an Accredited Biomechanical Taping™ Practitioner. You’ll then need to complete The Teaching Solution, our bespoke in-house course which will teach you all the skills you need in order to deliver training effectively. Finally, you’ll need to complete our tutor exam to demonstrate your skills.

You can find a visual guide to our new qualification process for tutors here.

Legacy Students

We appreciate that some students will already have completed our legacy education. In the interests of fairness, we will therefore offer some elements of our Accredited Biomechanical Taping™ Practitioner pathway at a discounted rate. You can find a breakdown of this here.