Look Better. Move Better. Feel Better

PosturePals® use the same revolutionary technology as Dynamic Tape® to help you manage your posture and achieve your desired position. They are ideal for sports and home users and stretch to allow for full range of motion during use.

Targeted Support

PosturePals® come in three varieties and can be applied in a variety of ways to provide targeted support

Long Lasting

Made from the same material as Dynamic Tape®, PosturePals® are long lasting and durable. They’re even waterproof so you can wear them at the beach or pool

Move Freely

PosturePals® gently corrects positioning without locking up movement, so you can continue to do the things you love while wearing them

PosturePals X

PosturePals X come in two size options, regular and small, and are incredibly versatile in application. They can be used to control posture, support the neck, back, injured shoulders or ribs, assist the lower back muscles, provide support for injured knees and much more.

The X shape is also an excellent option for pregnancy, providing abdominal support and reducing discomfort associated with stretching.

PosturePals Box

PosturePals Box can be applied to the upper or lower back in order to assist postural awareness and manage position and related issues. You can also use the Box shape to correct shoulder position.

Alternatively, apply PosturePals box to the upper leg to assist with tears of the hamstring or quadriceps by creating a ‘box’ offload.

Change Your Posture. Change Your Life

Changing position regularly or adopting certain postures has been shown to have a wide range of positive benefits, from improved balance and core strength to muscle and spine health and even your mood. Taking control of your posture is a great way to improve your health and wellbeing.

Dynamic Tape® Accessories

Dynamic Tape® Accessories

Tape like a pro

Dynamic Tape® accessories help you take your taping to the next level and get the maximum utility out of our tape.

Level Up Your Taping

Our accessories make it easier to get the most out of your tape, whether you’re preparing it with our scissors or using our spray for extra stick

Enhance Your Application

Our accessories are designed to help you properly apply your tape for best results and long lasting protection

Designed For Dynamic Tape®

Our accessories use state of the art technology, and have been designed specifically to work alongside our taping solutions

Dynamic Tape® Adhesive Spray

The medical-grade adhesive in our tapes ensure they will usually maintain a high level of hold over several days. When you’re taping under even tougher conditions, Dynamic Tape® Adhesive Spray can help add extra adhesion to the tape for up to 5 days.

The Adhesive Spray has been designed to give a high level of hold with low sensitivity. It is ideal for athletes who will be submerged in water for extended periods or who expect to sweat a lot in the course of exercise. It also helps our glue to bond faster. We usually suggest letting the tape set for an hour before strenuous exercise or exposure to the water. Our spray reduces this to 5-10 minutes.

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Dynamic Tape® Scissors

Proper application is essential to getting the most from our tape and these scissors are designed to make it as easy as possible to prepare the tape for application. At 20cm, they are much larger than ordinary bandage scissors and the loops have room for up to four fingers, allowing for a high level of control.

The blades are coated in non-stick Teflon ®, making them ideal for cutting our tape, and the scissors have a blunt end to assist with removal.

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Take Your Taping To The Next Level

Our accessories are a great way to enhance your tape application, and are ideal for those using advanced techniques, operating in high performance environments such as elite sports or just looking to get more out of Dynamic Tape®.

Dynamic Tape® Classic

Dynamic Tape® Classic

The Original Biomechanical Tape ®

Dynamic Tape® represents a new approach to therapeutic taping, with a high stretch, good resistance and strong recoil. This allows it to act on the body like an external muscle, managing the loads on your body to correct movement and reduce the risk of injury.

Reduces Load On The Body

Dynamic Tape® has high recoil and resistance. Its resistance is many times that of a kinesiology tape. This means that, when used appropriately and correctly, it can reduce the loads on your body, protecting from injury and reducing the risk of pain and recurrence.

Promotes Natural Movement

Dynamic Tape® stretches in four directions and does not lock up movement like a rigid tape, allowing you to continue to continue to do the things you love while wearing it. Allowing full movement ensures optimal dissipation of load, maintenance of balance as well as performance of techniques required in the sport or activity.

Long Lasting

Dynamic Tape® uses a medical grade adhesive from a Japanese company, allowing it to last for days. It also handles water well when applied correctly, so you can go swimming or take a shower without it falling off. For best results, check out our application videos.

Black: The Original Tape

Working in high performance sport, musculoskeletal physiotherapist Ryan Kendrick saw the need for a tape that could manage the loads on the body without locking up movement. And Dynamic Tape® Classic was born.

Unlike kinesiology tapes, which have properties that mimic the skin, Dynamic Tape Classic was designed to provide very strong resistance and recoil to manage load and alter movement patterns, much like an external muscle. The tape provides a deceleration force, absorbs load and reduces the work on injured, overloaded or fatigued tissues.

Our black tattoo tape is the original version of Dynamic Tape®. It is the most commonly used version and has a slightly higher resistance than the beige.

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Dynamic Tape Combo Black Tattoo 3" and 2"

Dynamic Tape Combo Beige Tattoo 3" and 2"

Beige: The Gentler Option

The beige version of Dynamic Tape® has slightly lower levels of resistance and recoil. This reduces some of the force that is exerted on the skin, making it an excellent option for sensitive skin.

As the pattern is much more subtle, many customers prefer to use this version of the tape where a discreet application is required, for example while wearing the tape at work.

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Trusted Where It Counts

Dynamic Tape® is trusted and used by athletes across the world, allowing them to restore function and reduce the risk of reinjury where sitting out the game is not an option. Dynamic Tape® was born out of the intense demands of professional sport and we’re pleased to say that we continue to be the choice of champions today.

Dynamic Tape ECO

Dynamic Tape ECO™

Good for you. Good for the planet.

Dynamic Tape ECO™ is our stiffest tape, using an innovative, patented material made from recycled plastic bottles to provide greater resistance, sooner in range.

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Our Stiffest Tape

Because of the innovative material we use to make it, Dynamic Tape ECO™ is even stronger than our regular tapes. For when only the strongest tape will do.

Recycled Materials

We make Dynamic Tape ECO™ from recycled plastic bottles. About 15 per box. This means you can use our tape knowing that it’s as good for the environment as it is for you.

Increased Resistance

Dynamic Tape ECO™ provides more resistance sooner in range. This makes it ideal where minimal movement but firm resistance is required, for example ligament applications or positioning.

Introducing Dynamic Tape Eco™

Unlike kinesiology tapes with properties similar to the skin, Dynamic Tape® Classic was designed to provide very strong resistance and recoil to manage load and alter movement patterns without restricting movement providing a solution for muscle and tendon applications. However, we knew we had further clinical problems to solve. So we developed Dynamic Tape ECO™.

To make Dynamic Tape ECO™, we developed a patented material made from recycled plastic bottles. This means the tape has higher resistance but slightly lower recoil. Dynamic Tape ECO™ is ideal for applications where stronger resistance is required without sacrificing range of motion. It’s been seen on athletes and in clinics across the world.

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Inspired By Nature

Everything about Dynamic Tape Eco™ draws inspiration from the natural world and our duty to protect it. The tape is made from recycled bottles, helping to keep the sea clean and reduce oil use. The tattoo on the tape designed by artist Luke Mallie, draws inspiration from the connection and caring for country central to Aboriginal custom and wisdom. Even the Biomechanical Taping™ techniques for applying it are inspired by the natural movement of the human body.