Become An Affiliate

Our network of affiliates help us to introduce new people to our products and education around the world. As an affiliate, you’ll sell our products and services through your network or sales channels. In return, we’ll offer you a generous share of the value of the sales you push our way and provide you with the tools you need for success.

Who We Affiliate With

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What Makes Us Different

A Values-Driven Brand

We are proud that, despite our growth, we’ve kept the values we started with, whether that means supporting sport in our home of Vanuatu or developing new, eco-friendly taping techniques

Trusted By Champions

Dynamic Tape is used by athletes and sports teams at the top of their game. This means the tape gets consistent, organic positive attention.

Focus On Clinical Excellence

Dynamic Taping is backed by extensive research and supported by quality education. We have been careful to ground our approach in science and have a reputation for reliability

Global Recognition

Dynamic Tape is already sold in more than 50 countries across the world. You’ll be able to build your sales on an existing, well-recognised brand.

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