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Developed by musculoskeletal Ryan Kendrick, our education is known and trusted across the world. As one of our tutors, you’ll be responsible for delivering this education in your territory. This is a great opportunity for existing educators or clinicians looking to take their next step.

Teach Our World-Renowned Education

As a tutor, you’ll teach our wide variety of education and training to students across the world. Dynamic Tape is grounded in a system of robust clinical reasoning and our education is a key part of what makes us unique as a clinical solution. You can read more about our education pathway here. We recognise the importance of our tutor network and work to find the best people and help them to achieve your best.

We’ll help you to market your courses in line with our existing global brand and will also support you through our tutor qualification pathway, which all tutors must complete. This pathway will not only help you to develop your own skills as a teacher and mentor, but also helps us to ensure that all of our tutors are able to deliver the very highest standard of training on how to safely and effectively use our products.


Who Our Tutors Are

At Dynamic Tape, we understand that the training is only as good as the trainer. That’s why we seek out exceptional individuals to deliver our course worldwide. Our tutors are highly qualified and experienced in their team, often working alongside teams and institutions at the pinnacle of the profession.

We find that this ensures the quality of our courses. Our tutors’ experience mean that they bring a deep knowledge of movement assessment to their teaching, translating Biomechanical Taping principles into practical applications and techniques and handling even the most challenging questions that delegates may have.

Why Be A Dynamic Tape Tutor

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To apply to partner with Dynamic Tape, just apply using the buttons below and we’ll get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.

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