Our Story

Dynamic Tape was developed by Australian Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, Ryan Kendrick BPhty, MPhtySt. and Swedish Physiotherapist, Ylva Kendrick BSc(Physio).

Ryan was awarded both of his degrees at the University of Queensland under the expert guidance of respected leaders in the field such as Professors Gwendolyn Jull, Carolyn Richardson, Paul Hodges, Michelle Sterling and Bill Vicenzino.

Ryan’s clinical experience was divided between professional athletes and private musculoskeletal physiotherapy practice. He has worked as Physiotherapist to tennis player Greg Rusedski, former world number four and US Open finalist as part of the Dream Team assembled by Pat Cash to resurrect Rusedski’s career after a series of injuries saw him drop from four in the world to 73, with the tennis press writing his career off as a result.

With a strong emphasis on rebuilding his game to reduce load on his body while improving performance along with a rehabilitation program to improve his body’s ability to withstand such load (fastest serve in the world at the time), Greg returned to his winning ways, climbing up the rankings and winning several more ATP tournaments during the remainder of his career which lasted another seven years.

Ryan also spent several years at Essex County Cricket Club and has worked with European Tour Golfers and many Olympic and Commonwealth Games athletes, most recently with the Bronze medal winning Vanuatu Beach Volleyball women. Ryan has also been a clinical tutor in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy on the Griffith University programme.

Tissues don’t fail because of pain, they fail because of load.

Aware that many of the conditions presenting in clinical practice were a result of overuse or more correctly overload, Ryan recognised that current taping products were ineffective at absorbing load or contributing energy to reduce the workload of the musculotendinous unit. They were also ineffective at modifying the biomechanics whilst still permitting the full range of motion necessary to perform the complex skills required in many athletic pursuits.

At the same time, Ylva who graduated from Umeå University whose work centred on complex paediatric and neurological physiotherapy recognised the benefits of taping in this way to improve mobility and function in this population.

After several years of development to address the limitations of existing taping products, Dynamic Tape was launched commercially in 2010. It is an adjunctive clinical tool in the management of muscle strains and ligament sprains, overuse and biomechanical injuries like achilles and patellar tendinopathy, plantar fasciitis, rotator cuff pathology, tennis elbow, shin splints etc. but also equally applicable in Paediatrics, Neurology, Hand Therapy and even in Respiratory care.* Due to the clinical effectiveness, in the first twelve months alone distribution expanded from Australia to include New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, UK, Germany, Czech Republic, Ireland, Switzerland, USA, Canada, Belgium, Netherlands, South Africa and continues to grow rapidly now reaching almost fifty countries with a network of highly qualified instructors from Physiotherapy, Athletic Training, Chiropractic, Hand Therapy, Registered Massage Therapy, Medicine and Veterinary disciplines.

*visit the About Dynamic Tape page to learn how Dynamic Tape may influence various conditions.

About the Designs


Tihoti resides on Norfolk Island, a beautiful jewel in the South Pacific blessed with spectacular scenery, friendly locals and a rich history. It is also where Dynamic Tape was developed. Since 1856, Norfolk Island has been home to the descendants of the ‘Bounty’ mutineers and their Tahitian wives. Prior to this, the uninhabited Norfolk Island was settled as a British penal colony and artefacts now discovered show evidence of a much earlier Polynesian settlement.


Luke Mallie, award-winning Indigenous Australian artist has created this design. The Indigenous People of Australia have a strong and complex connection to country far beyond creation stories and the dreamtime. Dreamings are present tense and country identifies the people who in turn bring country and their ancestors into being through singing and dancing. For 60,000 years these cultures have lived sustainably and synergistically with the environment. The Aboriginal artwork demonstrates our respect for the First Australians and their wisdom, and symbolises our commitment to helping our communities and the environment that supports them.

Dynamic Tape has been thoroughly tested and recommended by FICS.

The International Federation of Sports Chiropractic / Fédération Internationale de Chiropratique du Sport (FICS) is comprised of national chiropractic sports councils worldwide and individual members and has affiliations with international organizations within the chiropractic profession and the world of sports. The vision of FICS is:

Empowering Athletes to Maximal Performance…NATURALLY

Dynamic Tape is trusted by professional athletes, major clubs and associations around the world. See more here: